Thursday, September 08, 2011

9/9 newspurge: some kind of confusion, more like a disaster

9/11 updates:
National Archive keeps bulk of 9/11 Commission report sealed*

9/11 Truther Comic ‘The Big Lie’ is About More Than 9/11FBI, DHS Warn Of Small Plane Terror Threats*
state dept issues 9/11 Anniversary Travel Alert*
Twilight Language: Small Planes Into Buildings?*
video: anniversary security heightened across US*
Obama, Bush, Bloomberg to Bar 9/11 First Responders From Ground Zero On the 10th Anniversary*
video: 9/11 First Responders NOT Invited To Ground Zero For 10th Anniversary Ceremony*
Ron Paul Supports 9/11 Families New Probe*
INTERVIEW w/ the Last man out of Twin Towers:
"The wounds are still open"
How NIST Avoided a Real Analysis of the Physical Evidence of WTC Steel*
New wtc rises safely, in shadow of 9/11*
video: Thomas Kean Runs From 9/11 Questions to 'Respect the Families'*
video: Lee Hamilton says "We do not claim in this report to have written the final truth"*
video: Paul Craig Roberts on 10th Anniversary*
tarpley: probability of large-scale false flag terror event increasing as european banking panic looms*
10 Years After 9/11, Is America A Better Place?*
pakistan Detains Doctor Who Ran Fake Vaccination Program to Help Find Osama*
wired hit piece on 'the big lie': 4-Color Conspiracies - There’s a 9/11 Truther Comic*
Newly Published Audio Provides Real-Time View of 9/11 Attacks*

Govt paper shows melt-out at Fukushima was predicted day 1*

Bulldozers begin working on new reactor at quake-hit Virginia nuke plant built on fault line*
Obama Sides with Manufacturers in Blocking Stricter Smog Standards*
Directing Contagion makes Soderbergh think about washing his hands before grabbing nuts*

Multiple White House Officials Knew About 'Fast & Furious'*

Documents Suggest New ATF Gun Running Scandal in Indiana*

Secret documents show Libya, CIA ties*

Secret documents show Libya, CIA tiesNew Docs Reveal CIA Helped Gaddafi against His Opponents*
100s of missiles go missing from libya's abandoned arms dumps*
Obama: Syrian Sanctions, Regime Change, No Congress*
Propaganda authorities take over Beijing papers*
Tony Blair is godfather to Rupert Murdoch's children*

Veteran vs MKUltra lawsuit moves Closer to Trial*

Possible human relative, 2m years old, a 'snapshot of evolution in action'*

Why modern music sounds rubbish*

PJ Harvey wins 2011 Mercury Prize for 'Let England Shake'*
musicfest northwest kicks off with explosions in the sky*
video: Joe Scarborough releases 9/11 anti-war song*
'J. Edgar' to Open AFI Fest in November*

Gunman, 3 others killed in nevada pancake house shooting*

Twilight Language: IHOP Shooting: Update 5 Dead*
San Clemente High remains on lockdown; Navy corpsman sought*
Russian Hockey Team's Plane Crashes Into River, 43 Dead*
video: One NYC parade gunman is still alive, police say*
william bennett update: Man, 19, gets maximum sentence in N.Va. slaying*
Video Game Allows Frustrated Libs Chance to Kill Tea Party Opponents*

obamessiah updates:
Obama's base grows disenchanted*

California poll shows Obama's mounting problems*
CIA lawyer says Obama admin backed and continued virtually all Bush-era programs*
Obama Advisors Feared a Coup If the Administration Prosecuted War Crimes*
Cheney Says Dems Should Run Hillary Clinton*
The Greatest Plot Against the Ron Paul Camp To Date*
Ron Paul has chance to attack at Reagan Library debate*
who do you think won the Republican debate at the Reagan library?*
video: Ron Paul says Border fence could be used to 'keep us in'*

police state updates:
US faces new threats, homegrown terror & cyber attacks*

Report Shows Spike In Homegrown Terror Cases, But Intelligence Gaps Remain*
New Homeland Security Report Sees "Evolutionary Shift" in Terror Threat*
New Law Would Shift All Terror Suspects to Military Instead of Civilian Authority*
35,000 Convicted of Terrorism Since 9/11…But How Many were Really Terrorists?*
Why the gun industry secretly loves Obama*
NYPD confirms CIA officer works at department*
Mall of America visitors unknowingly end up in counterterrorism fusion center reports*
Ikea 'used political prisoners in GDR as slave labour'*
Gibson Guitars proves the environmental police state that wants your wood products and guns*
video: Government corruption & DOJ vs. Gibson Guitar Company*

petraeus sworn in as head of cia as drone attacks increase*

video: white house denies plans to reduce troops in iraq to 3000*
5 corporate brands making a killing on US wars*
video: xbox 360's blackwater game for kinect to be 'aimed at teens'*

wv worry:
poll claims manchin unbeatable;

senator remains popular in west virginia*
spree shooter, Shayne Riggleman, kills 5 then self*
paden city police chief arrested for domestic battery*
'bridge day' panel sues over domain name*

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