Thursday, September 29, 2011

9/29 newspurge: your deceit knows no end

fukushima desolation worst since nagasaki as residents flee*

fukushima desolation worst since nagasaki as residents fleeoregon prof: radiation from fukushima exceeds chernobyl, levels unknown to humans or machines*
fukushima 'largest delivery of radiation into the ocean ever'*
man arrested for prank calls to tepco*
US secretly asked japan to help dump nuclear reactors in 1972*
video: door-to-door vaccinations? 'get the f#ck out!'*

4 americans get pot from US government*

russia may legalize cannabis for ag, industrial use*
feds indict 27 in duluth drug sting*
36 nabbed in drug raid at boeing plant near philly*

US attack in yemen kills al-awlaki*

flashback: qaeda-linked imam dined at pentagon after 9/11*
US attack in yemen kills al-awlakiuss cole suspect to face guantanamo tribunal*
saudi women can vote in fake elections, but still can't drive*

divers set sights on sunken wwii ship laden with silver*

archbishop who eulogized john f. kennedy dies*

jared lee loughner, giffords shooter, could face trial*

michael jackson died instantaneously, doctor's lawyer says*

obamessiah updates:
obama gets $7 million from hollywood*

video: herman cain says blacks 'brainwashed' into supporting democrats*
video: veterans attempt citizens arrest of rumsfeld in boston*
video: ron paul on the daily show & on the verge of explosion of interest*
video: diebold voting machines hacked with $10 in parts*

oregon oddities:
oregon homeless student ranks on rise*
time running out for missing 'cycle oregon' man*
murder of portland boy still a mystery decade later*

wv worry:
new chemical plant for chemical valley*

study: many pregnant women test positive for drugs*
morgantown murder investigation*
gov. rick perry hits wheeling*

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