Thursday, September 15, 2011

9/15 newspurge: ritual union

obama white house monitored huge loan to 'connected' firm*

obama white house monitored huge loan to 'connected' firmhouse probing $528m solar loan fail*
video: energy dept hearing on solyndra*
bush admin pushed solyndra loan guarantee for two years*
video: role of white house aides questioned in solyndra hearing*
US unable to account for 36k pounds of weapons-grade uranium, plutonium*
ft. calhoun close to shut down -
falsified tests in ny - north anna restart to take months? - leak in ct
japan govt prepares for further large-scale radiation release from fukushima -
emergency drill presupposed further meltdown of no. 3 reactor core
6.2-magnitude quake shakes northeast japan*
uk researchers to test 'artificial volcano' for geoengineering the climate*
josh fox scores an emmy for fracking documentary 'gasland'*
how the cdc would deal with a real-life 'contagion'*

US doctors steeped in big pharma drug money*

fast & furious: gun store owner opens up on misgivings about atf sting*
mexico drug war attacks social media users; bodies hung from nuevo laredo bridge*

egyptian protesters pull down israel embassy wall*

egyptian protesters pull down israel embassy wallis israel over?: no longer liberal, democratic, egalitarian society;
israel fighting arabs—and itself
netanyahu coming to un again to confront palestinian statehood & ahmadinejad*
fmr congressman walter fauntroy, feared dead in libya, returns home –
guess who he saw doing the killing
video: south africa high court rules struggle song is hate speech*

the jackie kennedy tapes: sharp, tender & gossipy*

lost banksy mural uncovered on berlin gallery wall*

lacoste asks norwegian police to prevent mass murderer anders breivik from wearing their brand to court*

lacoste asks norwegian police to prevent mass murderer anders breivik from wearing their brand to courtcopycat effect: suspect in arkansas courthouse shooting dies*
dad charged with child abuse for throwing son off cruise boat*
the drinks are on him: denver men charged with abusing a corpse, identity theft & criminal impersonation*
los angeles porn studio, pink visual, begins construction on 'post-apocalyptic' underground bunker for 2012*

obamessiah updates:
video: nader says US is a two party dictatorship*

ron paul, a texas thorn in rick perry's side*
rick perry pushes back on michele bachmann hpv vaccine talk*
meanwhile, gardasil found contaminated with recombinant dna*
video: rep. steve king wants hearings on obama's drunken uncle*

oregon oddities:
alleging abuse of four boys,
portland lawyers file lawsuits against boy scouts

portland police make biggest drug bust in dept's history*
ifc keeps 'portlandia' alive for at least another season*

police state updates:
group urges US to adopt electronic id cards for citizens*

dhs, fbi initiating rapid response fingerprint checks for foreign visitors at airports*
video: wisc. protesters arrested for filming lawmakers*

14,000 rounds of ammunition missing from fort bragg*

14,000 rounds of ammunition missing from fort braggnavy munitions depot in wash. a danger to public? don't ask*
77 US troops injured in afghanistan truck bombing*
deal near on more US military access in australia*
video: rep. speier calls on congress to address military rapes*
private contractors cost more than government employees*
navy breaks record for firing commanders*
video: 15yr-old arrested in cali. with military rocket launcher*

wv worry:
4 wv mail processing facilities could close*

marfork coal sues tree-sitters over wv protest*
charleston officer named as alleged shooter in lawsuit over death*
video: authorities release footage of alleged police brutality*

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