Thursday, July 21, 2011

7/21 newspurge: burn for it/witch's wand

9/11 updates:
families want info on #phonehacking probe*

families want info on #phonehacking probeVideo: If 9/11 victims were hacked, 'Fox News is finished'*
Rashard Mendenhall sues ex-sponsor over 9/11 tweets*
Jon Stewart 'Casually' Admits to CIA Prior Knowledge*
New 9/11 Timeline Entries from
Military Exercises, Air Force Response to Attacks & More
Eyewitness to Demolition: New Video Compilation Brings Together Dozens of Explosive 9/11 Accounts*

the difference between the Los Alamos fire and other wildfires can be summed up in a single word: 'radiation'*

Flash Floods Near Los Alamos Could Wash Through Canyons Full Of Nuclear Waste*
CBS Investigative Report on the Safety of the New Reactor at the Watts Bar, TN Nuke Plant*
Whistleblower says “the books are being cooked” -
“You can see a Fukushima happening here in the US” - “They wired my car for firebombing”
CBS Part 2: Whistleblowers "terrified" at TVA nuke plants?*
‘Anomaly’ detected in Exxon pipeline before rupture in Yellowstone River*
Second Major Oil Spill In Montana In 2 Weeks*
Fukushima: High levels of radioactivity found extensively*
China Denies Coverup of ConocoPhillips Oil Spill*
CERN Scientists Gagged On ‘Politically Incorrect’ Global Warming Data*
UN security council to consider climate change peacekeeping*
Satire: Absentminded Professor Says Cure For Cancer 'Around Here Somewhere'*

drugwar updates:
Alarming 'Bath Salts' Stimulant Sold Legally in Many States*

alarming 'bath salts' stimulant sold legally in many statesMore 'Fast and Furious' from the feds: Mexican gun-smuggling cartel figures 'possibly' were paid FBI informants*
Neo-Nazi Girl Group Cured of their Hate With Marijuana*
Video: Israeli nursing home prescribes medical marijuana*

guard who killed Karzai's brother was a trusted CIA contact*

Israeli Killed in Christchurch Earthquake Was Carrying Five Passports*
Not Befitting a Democracy: New Israeli law to stifle critics of Israel*
Video: 'Putin Army' of women to strip naked for Vladimir*

New Book Tells Tale of Israeli Arms Dealer in Hollywood*

new book tells tale of israeli arms dealer in hollywoodvideo: Rocker Billy Bragg’s scathing new song for News Corp*
TeenNick’s ’90s Nostalgia Fest*
What 'Nevermind' Means Now*
Stage Collapses During Cheap Trick Performance in Ottawa*
video: 'Contagion' Brings Bird Flu Fearmongering To New Levels*
#Supergods: Grant Morrison's Superheroes, Surveyed and Sized Up*
video: 'secrets in plain sight'*

video: Big Pharma Billionaire's Son & Girlfriend Die Within Days of Each Other; Girlfriend's Bound & Naked Body Found Hanging from Mansion's Balcony*

Heavily Armed Deputies and Mounted Police Keep Watch as Infamous Mother Leaves Jail*
US heat wave blamed for 22 deaths; wide swathe of country in grip*
'Enraged' Flier Pelts LAX-to-SLC Crew With Peanuts*
'Cash Cab' taxi hits, kills Vancouver pedestrian*
Three presumed dead in Yosemite waterfall plunge*
Naked couple in Tappan Zee Bridge suicide jump:
Former teacher Alfa Choice 'was in a cult'
Amish Teen Leads NY Cops On Drunken Buggy Chase*

oregon oddities:
video: 'hot coffee': unlikely oregon filmmaker storms sundance with a documentary about justice denied*

gov kitzhaber uses campaign funds for home security system*
Portland City Council votes 5-0 for plastic bag ban*

Most Americans Want to Slash Defense Spending, but It’s Barely Part of the Deficit Discussion
USS GHW Bush Enters Persian Gulf As CIA Vet Robert Baer Predicts September Israel-Iran War*
15,000 US Troops to Remain In Iraq, Renamed 'Diplomats'*
Two Never-Finished Navy Ships Cost U.S. Taxpayers $300 Million; Head to Scrap Heap*
Walter Reed Army hospital to close its doors*

wv worry:
Big Coal Lawyers Blame Inbreeding for Problems Caused by Mountaintop Removal*

Hillbilly Bible School Launches in West Virginia*
City to settle police abuse lawsuit for $70,000*
Charleston Attorney Arrested On Pimping Charges*
CATF 2011: 'Race' in America, David Mamet style*
CATF 2011: Lucy Thurber and 'The Insurgents' invade WV*
CATF 2011: Sam Shepard's punchy 'Ages of the Moon'*
CATF 2011: 'We Are Here' explores a trail of broken hearts*
CATF 2011: 'From Prague,' without love*

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