Thursday, June 16, 2011

6/16 newspurge: our city used to be such a beautiful place

9/11 updates:
new documents claim intel on bin laden, al-qaeda targets withheld from congress' 9/11 probe*

al-qaeda flying planes into the wtc & pentagon was foreseeable*
the mystery of the helicopter flying around the pentagon before the attack there on 9/11*
'pentagon papers' whistleblower daniel ellsberg says the govt ordered media not to cover 9/11*
nyc 9/11 memorial museum may charge $20 admission*
nyc dept. of buildings: no records for pre-9/11 wtc elevator rebuild, one of the "largest, most sophisticated"*

japan city to give radiation counters to children:

34,000 children to wear radiation dosimeters around the clock for 3 months*
radiation 'hotspots' hinder japan response to nuclear crisis*
electrical fire knocks out spent fuel cooling at nebraska nuke plant*
govt releases partial list of chemicals found in oil spill dispersants*

mexico drug war spills across US border*

mexico drug war spills across US borderbillions more wasted on anti-drug contracts in latin america*
video: rep. steve cohen says 'the war on drugs has been a terrible mistake'*
video: scotts miracle-gro looks to help people grow marijuana*
update: magic mushroom's positive effects lasting over a year, say researchers*
flashback: study shows 'spiritual' effects of magic mushrooms*

US govt finally declassifies 'pentagon papers'*

nsa declassifies 200yr-old book*

video: carl gardner, lead singer of the coasters 'charlie brown' & 'yakety yak,' dies at 83*

laura ziskin, 'pretty woman' & 'spider-man' producer, dead at 61*

5 months after shooting, US congresswoman leaves hospital*

5 months after shooting, US congresswoman leaves hospitalthe casey anthony distraction:
fight among spectators at casey anthony trial*
grandma's ashes donated to goodwill*
woman who threatened to blow up dc metro train getting mental health evaluation*
video: hockey fans riot in vancouver*
video: german blimp pilot sacrificed life to save passengers*

obamessiah updates:
obama: my family approves of a one-term presidency*

following kennedy, obama makes historic visit to puerto rico*
obama reaches out to wall street donors*
US politician weiner resigns in sex scandal*
republicans assail obama, not each other in debate*
video: ron paul's debate highlights*
ron paul at gop debate: defender of the constitution*
video: post-debate, fox news personalities pile on paul*

US congress votes against libya funding*

secret US/afghan talks could see troops stay for decades*
$6.6b of taxpayer money vanished in iraq*
missing iraq money may have been stolen, auditors say*
change: first lady wants hollywood to excrete even more pro military propaganda*
dod officials discuss using virus, vaccine to manipulate dna & eliminate religion*
video: 100s of rape cases mishandled by veterans admin*

west virginia worry:
jobs, pay on the rise in wv*
state mismanaged $38M in weatherization funds*

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