Thursday, May 12, 2011

5/12 newspurge: follow the leader

video: dad's secret thc treatment cures 2yr-old's brain cancer?*

video: dad's secret thc treatment cures 2yr-old's brain cancer?video: 1000s march in mexico city to protest drugwar*

video: galleon billionaire raj rajaratnam convicted of hedge fund fraud & conspiracy*

sheila bair steps down as head of fdic*
postal service reports billions in losses*
as obama says 'immigration reform is an economic imperative' -
here's 18 reasons illegal immigration is nightmare for US economy*

video: revealed! - cia agents lived next door to 'osama'*

reverse!: obama says “we could not say definitively that bin laden was there”*
osama's death now part of obama's re-(birth)-elect message*
bin laden brainwash psyop seeking to establish fake treasure trove of terabytes to target US adversaries worldwide; growing momentum towards false flag to be blamed on pakistan via al qaeda*
report: US seized bin laden journal*
osama's giant bounty will not be paid*
video: pakistan's scepticism over videos*
obama passing secret messages before bin laden raid?*
video: obama makes secret exchange with general*
or was it just a 'challenge coin' as defenders claim?*
video: wilkerson says bush didn't want to get osama*
top doctor confirms osama had marfan syndrome*
video flashback: cia veteran on 9/11 says osama is a diversion & not capable of 9/11*
bachmann, other lawmakers see bin laden photos; convinced "we got our man"*
flashback: may day - obama announces the death death of a bush business partner*

demjanjuk convicted for role in nazi death camp*

dana wynter, 'invasion of the body snatchers' actress, dies 79*

video: john walker of the walker brothers dies at 67*
lady gaga + farmville = new world order for virtual goods*

german-born playboy gunter sachs kills himself aged 78*

identifying 5th victim, officials raise possibility of a 2nd long island killer*
s. carolina teen charged with killing mom on mother's day*

obama seeking congress ok for fbi chief to stay*

as other security chiefs shift, obamessiah wants mueller for 'continuity'*
ethics committee refers ensign case to justice dept*
gingrich changes dynamics of presidential field; despite twitter launch fail*
ron paul to announce presidential candidacy friday?*
update: yes! ron paul officially announces 2012 presidential bid*

oregon oddities:
woman gets new accent after dentist visit*

portland city commissioner randy leonard's daughter dies of self-inflicted gunshot at 32*
video: orange cloud escapes from precision castparts, creating hazmat situation*

police state updates:
congress reps, feds & the cfr agree: you can take the 9/11 security state from my cold, dead, top secret hands*

obama admin fights to allow warrantless gps tracking*
battle brews over fbi's warrantless gps tracking*
how to check your car for a gps tracker*
4 arrested after suspicious incident at denver airport*
video: schumer calls for 'do not ride' list for trains*
'ied' found near pennsylvania train tracks!*
video: tsa agents search baby as possible terrorist!*
video: plot to attack new york city synagogues thwarted!*

rare earth woes could mean trouble for US stealth fleet*

wv worry:
wvu study:
people living near mountaintop mining sites have poorer health

families of dead miners feel let down by washington*

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