Thursday, April 07, 2011

4/7 newspurge: wait, a war in heaven

9/11 updates:
'remote control' programs pose terror risks to planes*

'remote control' programs pose terror risks to planesksm to face military tribunal*
fbi confirms 3,429 potential foia pages*
bush invited son of osama to white house*
amidst growing world doubts about 9/11, career army officer takes bush admin officials to court*
small classified ads about 9/11 truth to reach america*
video: ventura talks 9/11, wtc7 on 'good morning america'*
9/11 families object to putting remains in museum*
video: 9/11 kin decry plans to house remains at museum*
kronos quartet gives west coast premiere of steve reich's "wtc 9/11"*

memo suggests fbi had mole inside abc news in 90s*

cbs exec denies he was fbi informant at abc*
uk spy files show nazis sought to use saboteurs, spies & poisoned sausages to win war*
mi5 bugged leading intellectuals & journalists in 1950s, files show*
dark past in balkan war intrudes on new life*
2 former officers sentenced in a killing after katrina*
duke law students give musical nod to nixon with 'tricky dick'*

southwest cancels 100s of flights as planes checked for cracks*

southwest cancels 100s of flights as planes checked for cracksamerican flight diverts to dayton after 4 passengers pass out*
az police arrest employee accused of tampering with water treatment facility*
bronx zoo cobra found in its reptile house*
video: naked man opens fire on swat robot in florida*
serial killer suspected loose in new york, more bodies found*
new human remains discovered along new york beach*
59 bodies found in pits in mexican border state*
video: 2 americans shot to death at mexico border crossing*

oregon oddities:
search for missing bc couple extends to remote oregon areas*
21yr veteran of sheriff's office resigns after sex investigation*
marion co. sheriff's deputy charged with official misconduct*
new law requires carbon monoxide detectors*

police state int'l:
nyc dirty bomb 'drill' largest in national history... is it a drill?*
nyc dirty bomb 'drill' largest in national history... is it a drill?first responders, nypd conduct 'dirty bomb' drill in nyc*
video: ny drill with 400 checkpoints 'not expected to disrupt traffic'*
video: 'free speech is a great idea, but we're in a war'*
interpol chief calls for global electronic identity card system*
want a passport? better find your circumcision records*
video: aidan elliot, 8, pepper sprayed in colorado class by cops*
washington k9 'kane' stabbed to death in the line of duty*
cops: man charged after barking at police dog*
audio satire: fbi says muslims may be creating nuclear families*

wv worry:
'wild & wonderful whites of west virginia':
a good film about bad people

task force targets US 19 drug route*
elkins police officer jailed*
dunbar approves settlement for woman victimized by officer*
remembering the 29*
flashback: 25+ killed in massey coal mine explosion*

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