Tuesday, March 08, 2011

millions of dead anchovies float to surface on redondo beach

millions of dead fish in california cause apocalyptic stink...
millions of dead anchovies float to surface on redondo beachfrom sfgate: Millions of fish have died in a Southern California marina and a spokeswoman says they apparently suffocated. Staci Gabrielli, marine coordinator for King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, says boaters awakened Tuesday to find the anchovy-size silvery fish surrounding their vessels. Gabrielli says it's believed the fish moved into the harbor late Monday or early Tuesday to escape a red tide, a naturally occurring bloom of toxic algae that can poison fish or starve them of oxygen. Gabrielli says high winds apparently kept the fish from leaving the harbor and they all crushed up against the harbor wall, where they used up the oxygen and suffocated. Gabrielli says there are millions of fish and they're so thick in some places that boats can't get out of the harbor.

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massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake rocks japan: tsunami warning in 20 countriesupdate: massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake rocks japan:
tsunami warning in 20 countries
tsunami warning issued for oregon coast*

Confirmed: Corbett Report is fine "My area of Japan was not affected at all."

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