Thursday, March 03, 2011

3/3 newspurge: march forth to nightmarika

9/11 updates:
video: 1st responders weigh in on new 9/11 health act*
meanwhile, 9/11 firefighter dies of cancer linked to toxic dust*
tsa hit by new scandal as passenger boards plane with 3 boxcutters*
fbi finds 'no credible evidence' of 9/11 cell call*
background: how 9/11 was done*
flashback: the 9/11 omission hearings from 9/9/04*
bankers, drugs & 9/11: a convergence of convenience*
video: all hell breaks loose on 'the view' after 9/11 truther cuts loose*

obama threatens to create billion-dollar drug research center*
obama threatens to create billion-dollar drug research centermeanwhile, fda pulls 500+ drugs off market*
malcolm casadaban is first US scientist to die of plague in 50yrs*
flashback video: chicago family seeks answers in scientist's death by plague*
x-rays & unshielded infants raise alarms*
video: measles attack in boston, santa fe, denver & vancouver*
audio satire: technological breakthrough to fix problems of previous breakthrough*

econocrash updates:
wars, rumors of wars, skyrocketing oil prices & global economic chaos - why is all of this happening?*
gold hits record $1,432.57 an ounce*
china takes giant step towards making yuan world's reserve currency*
qe3? several top feds think more 'quantitative easing' necessary*
cfr's zakaria: US doomed by failure to embrace globalism*
jules kroll tries his hand at credit ratings*
former goldman director charged with insider trading*
crying toddler gets stuck in bank vault*

the man behind charlie sheen's rants -
meet syndicated radio host alex jones

rolling stone on alex jones: 'most paranoid man in america'*

rolling stone on alex jones: 'most paranoid man in america'video: insane alex jones rant cost charlie sheen his job*
oscar 2011, on a downward spiral:
♪♫ trent reznor wins 'best score' for 'social network'*
banksy: most exciting street artist since basquiat, shows power of free market as peace tool*
why natural gas companies fear 'gasland' at the oscars*
'gasland' 1 of 5 enviro-exposés nominated for oscar*
'inside job' doc win makes oscar political statement*
video: israeli scientist natalie hershlag, commonly referred to as natalie portman, outraged;
dior fires galliano after 'i love hitler' comments
suze rotolo, bob dylan's freewheelin' girl, dies at 67*
susannah york, star of 'tom jones' & 'they shoot horses, don't they?', dead at 72*
jane russell dies aged 89: 'gentlemen prefer blondes' star found dead at home*
jonathan lethem psychoanalyzes 'they live'*
ideas for a tv show about 'conspiracy theories'*
fmr sen. chris dodd named mpaa chief*
video: james woolsey denies cia media control*

video update: wheeler's widow speaks on investigation*
allah akbar, blackbirds & frankfurt*
video: frankfurt airport shooting suspect says he acted alone*
paedophile epstein flew 17yr-old to meet prince andrew*

obamessiah updates:
gay male social secretary for the white house*
obama signs 3-month extension of 'key' patriot act provisions*
video: matt damon tells cnn he's disappointed in obama*

oregon oddities:
portlandia to help wean los angeles from coal*
no parole for former children's home director sex abuser*

wv worry:
wv ranks 2nd in nation for interstate sales of electricity*
'animal fighting is a god-given right'*
spike tv digs wv – set to air reality show 'coal' on mar30*
'on coal river' documentary makes mountain state debut*
massey reaches settlement with fourth family of a miner killed at the ubb mine*
west virginia's workforce at 16yr low*
nasa seeks proposals for software verification & validation*
manchin returns from middle east fact-finding trip*
naming names: US senators who shun facebook*

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