Sunday, February 20, 2011

ground zero: uforia's secret - the undercover story

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ground zero: uforia's secret - the undercover storyfrom clyde lewis: The daily news is becoming a script for a science fiction movie. Reading about incoming planets, exploding stars, and the return of Middle Eastern Gods directing riotous behaviors screams of tabloid exploitation. Check your headlines. If you read the mainstream narrative you can see that the controllers of the world are approximating us towards an apocalyptic event. All the stories surrounding the distractions are the undercover stories that when connected are either confirming that the world has gone crazy or that there is something more frightening lurking in the shadows. Everything we have feared is manifesting now and how we interpret these things will determine what will eventually happen in a world that seems to be either in its suicidal adolescence or the throes of the death rattle.


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