Thursday, August 05, 2010

new world next week - aug5

renouncing citizenship, pentagon softwar(e), regulating dust

new world next week - aug5Welcome to the New World Next Week - the video series from &
Story #1: Americans Renounce Citizenship to Avoid IRS
Flashback: More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship

Story #2: Pentagon is Losing the Softwar(e)
Related: CIA Software Developer Goes Open Source

Story #3: EPA to Crack Down on Farm Dust
Related: Farming Surges in Massachusetts With New Crop of Devotees
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previous episode: jul29 - wikileaks + msm hype = ?

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reid said...

Thanks for another great show. With all the depressing news constantly uncovered, it's nice that it ended with the positive news about the local farm movement. Another thing that made my day was hearing an intelligently subversive speech recently given by a high school Valedictorian. You folks might have already seen it since it was linked on Cryptogon, but in case you missed it:

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