Thursday, July 01, 2010

police state updates: questioning awakenings

powers-that-be terrified of worldwide awakening?*
powers-that-be terrified of worldwide awakening?global political awakening & the nwo*
scotus says states must honor gun rights*
does US have domestic terrorist groups?*
will washington dc be nuked on july 4th?*
video: americans don't know why we celebrate july 4th*
what would life be like under martial law?*
'dozens' of US citizens on assassination list, white house adviser hints*
oklahoma police taser bedridden 86yr-old woman*
atlanta parking lot attendants trained to fight terror*
spycams proposed for south miami beach*
fbi/dhs attempt to seize colorado indymedia server & silence users*

jon burge guilty: jury convicts chicago police torturer of lying under oath*
6yr-old ohio girl put on no-fly list*
director of tsa: who is john pistole?*
524 natl guard soldiers headed to arizona/mexico border*
future US-canada joint arctic security & control*
white house preparing biometric natl online id card for all americans*
aclu study highlights US surveillance society*
once america started waterboarding, major newspapers stopped calling it torture, says study*
50 random facts that make you wonder what in the world has happened to america*
video: cops dressed as anarchists at g20 in toronto?*
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