Wednesday, July 14, 2010

drugwar: dea raids & general guilt

kyrgyzstan, US & the global drug trade: deep forces, coups d'etat, narcotics & terror*

dea flouts medical marijuana ordinance by raiding first applicant
dea flouts medical marijuana ordinance by raiding first applicantfrom news junkie post: The federal Drug Enforcement Administration has flouted Mendocino County, California’s newly enacted medical marijuana ordinance by raiding the first collective that had applied to the sheriff’s cultivation permit program. A multi-agency federal task force descended on the property of Joy Greenfield, 689, the first Mendo patient to pay the $1,050 application fee under the ordinance, which allows collectives to grow up to 99 plants provided they comply with certain regulations.

conference slams drugwar, denounces prison-industrial-complex*

italian military police general guilty of drug smuggling & organising fake anti-drug ops
italian military police general guilty of drug smuggling & organising fake anti-drug opsfrom ap: Italian news reports say that a military police general was convicted of smuggling drugs during the course of an investigation and sentenced to 14 years in prison. The news agencies ANSA and Apcom said Giampaolo Ganzer was sentenced on Monday after being convicted of bringing heroin into Italy in the course of two operations led by the carabinieri investigative unit that he headed in Milan. Prosecutors alleged that a group of officials in the military police unit had organized a drug trafficking ring with the aim of getting rich. Ganzer was among 14 people convicted in the case, while four were acquitted. In addition to jail time, Ganzer was fined euro65,000 ($82,000).

video: states move to stamp out synthetic pot, known as k2*

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