Thursday, May 06, 2010

5/6 newspurge: swim (to reach the end)

tornado, floods kill at least 22 in southern US*
tornado, floods kill at least 22 in southern US'mt. st. helens - back from the dead': and you thought iceland was a problem*
wal-mart toxic dumping case: $27m*
children's tylenol recalled over tiny particles & out-of-control manufacturing processes*
recalled children's tylenol products were knowingly contaminated, says fda*
dramatic rise in prescribing psychiatric drugs to children younger than 5*
atf purchases biodetection equipment*
2 teens charged in s carolina anthrax hoax*
supreme court shuts main doors to stop bioterror threats*
'poisoned by pollution': new book & short film documentary*
new recycling bins with tracking chips coming to alexandria, va*

washington dc approves medical use of marijuana!*
video: fox news makes excuse for cia's afghan opium cultivation*

americans seeking reward money inform irs on others*
stocks extend plunge on concerns about greece*
gold pushes above $1,200 in after-hours trading as US stock market melts down*
8 theories for why the stock market plunged almost 1000 points in a matter of minutes on may6*
video: cnbc's bartiromo says 'this really sounds like market manipulation to me'*
the only state with a growing economy has its own public bank. any questions?*
members of congress bet against stocks in year of financial crisis*
how is the US economy supposed to succeed when our politicians & big banks are making billions betting against it?*
let's call them what they really are: fascists*
los angeles room with a view to a mystery*
brian alexik update: tile mosaic replica of cia emblem on floor, hugo chavez portrait hanging above it*
video: bank of america hit with mark of the beast graffiti*
most school districts to cut jobs, freeze hiring next year*
effort to expand audits of fed picks up steam in senate*
pennsylvania tax ad has orwellian theme*
video: orwellian big brother tax collection ads in pennsylvania*
toledo man streams foreclosure occupation on*

greek parliament passes austerity bill*
at least 3 killed as protestors storm parliament in greece*
will greece's social unrest be contagious?*
many possible triggers for wider euro debt crisis*
video: greek crisis will come to US*
europe crisis deepens as chaos grips greece*
video: gerald celente on greek bailout*
are france & germany in trouble?*
portugal may be cut by moody's as contagion spreads*
nigel farage, bankster critic, injured in plane crash in northamptonshire*
regime change by plane crash*
mexico's immigration laws tougher than arizona's*
lone mumbai terrorist survivor sentenced to death*
africom & neo-colonialism: pentagon carves africa into military zones*
uk bishops in defection talks with vatican*
video: uk election leaves uncertainty, ushers in a stalemated parliament*

analysis of 40-year-old tape may reveal whether ohio guardsmen were ordered to fire on kent state protesters*
kent state killings triggered by fbi agent provocateur*
search narrows for air france flight 447 black boxes*

mind control theories & techniques used by mass media*
dumbed-down population: teen celeb justin bieber doesn’t know what 'german' is…*
unification church will put washington times up for sale*
video: 'kids in the hall' foresaw glenn beck in '94*

twilight language: 3 days, 3 attacks*
video: knife-weilding attacker says "it's my job"*
twilight language: new stabbings*
at least 4 stabbed in so cal target, woman arrested*
woman screams “there is no witness protection program!” as she stabs people in california store*
gunman with ak-47 goes on rampage; 5 shot, 2 dead in hawaiian gardens*
nfl hall of famer lawrence taylor arrested in connection with rape investigation*

video: obama jokes about killing people via drones*
obama’s drone strike joke shows the reality of political leadership in the american empire*
100s of pakistani civilians murdered by predator drone strikes in '09 alone*
top recipient of political cash from bp & goldman sachs: barack obama*
obama justice: acquittal does not guarantee release from prison*
obama, gore, goldman, joyce foundation ccx partners to fleece US*
video: schwarzenegger tells leno he still wants to be president*
video: sen. mike bennett caught looking at porn on senate floor*
exposed: christian leader caught with male escort says he needed help with his luggage*
indiana voting machine glitch in 5,000 machines not reported by company*
wilkinson becomes 1st elected tea party official, will run for congress as 3rd party candidate*
obama gets weekly tutorials in terrorism*
video: robert steele, frm cia officer, on obama's terror tutorials*

size of US nuclear arsenal revealed for 1st time: are 5,113 bombs enough?*
US reveals size of nuclear stockpile*
pentagon confirms $1.4b in no-bid fuel contracts to mysterious companies*
US deploys 1000s drones in afghanistan*
state dept flies mercenary air force over pakistan*
iran starts first day of military drill in persian gulf*
marine corps tries to cope with rising suicide rate*
secret erik prince/blackwater tape exposed*
britain probes claims of chemical weapons in fallujah war crime of oct'04*

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