Thursday, April 22, 2010

4/22 newspurge: my mercury's in retrograde

9/11 updates:
'bin laden' facebook page shut down*
osama tried for satellite link to watch 9/11 from his hideout*
video: willie nelson talks 9/11 truth on larry king live*

iceland volcano will have no impact on weather or climate*
iceland volcano will have no impact on weather or climateash-triggered flight disruptions cost airlines $1.7 billion*
rare yellowstone volcano eruption would be deadly*
oil slick spreads from sunken rig off mexican coast*
6.3-magnitude quake strikes papua new guinea*
cali man indicted for anthrax threat*
anthrax outbreak in bangladesh*
falsely accused ameri-thrax doctor speaks out*
four star general says US will be attacked in next decade*
army investigators call for increased safety procedures at lab*
widespread psychiatric drugging of infants & toddlers*
flu shots suspended after australian kids hospitalised*
china to sterilize 10,000+ detained parents over one-child policy violations*

massive govt corruption hidden by focus on goldman*
massive govt corruption hidden by focus on goldmansec formally charges goldman with fraud*
goldman's white house connections raise eyebrows*
goldman sachs taps fmr obama counsel gregory craig of skadden arps*
goldman sachs eats its young*
rep sherman: 'dodd bill has unlimited executive bailout authority'*
gop ramps up attacks on sec over porn surfing*
america's crumbling infrastructure*
if US economy goes into toilet will it result in complete & total collapse of society?*
mcconnell wall street ties called out by hometown paper*
irs shifted $63m away from unemployment benefits*
spitzer says: 'there are no coincidences in this world. none.'*
longest sentence ever imposed for bribing foreign officials*
greece begins rescue talks with eu & imf*
florida man accused in $900m new jersey ponzi scheme*
sec lawyer refused to investigate stanford's ponzi scheme…then represented him*
geithner ok's movie futures after senate committee bans it*
apple says profit rises 90% on iphone sales*
US treasury unveils new $100 note*
america's new $100 bill might as well be a euro*
irs agent didn't report $41,842 in ebay sales*
75% of US still blame bush for economy, but...*
checks & cash slowly but surely disappearing*
video: keiser & jones cover the globalist takeover*

US popularity abroad moves into positive territory*
US to end military operations in haiti on jun1*
row between US & azerbaijan grows with drill cancellation*
iran lashes out at US during tehran nuclear summit*
polish president's pilots knew plane was doomed*
video: polish mystery - crash site footage*
video: polish plane crash truth*
idf shooting blanks: impotence caused by depleted uranium*
would the US shoot down an israeli jet? top officer won't say*
bric must create a new world order*
kyrgyzstan authorizes deadly force on wave of riots, looting*
greece welcomes its new imf overlords with day of rioting & national strikes*
US warns of possible attacks in new delhi*
human torpedoes blamed for korea ship strike*
iran guards start 3-day military exercise*

bhutto 'left to mercy of assassins by security chief'*
related video: prouty on jfk & no protection*

'south park' censored after threats from US islamists*
muslim group warned 'south park'*
american idol & the hypocrisy of corporate charity*
7 people warned not to watch 3d tv*
video: rudkowski gets colbert to mention bilderberg on-air*

surveillance video shows violent ipad theft at denver mall*
police say tennessee hospital shooter mentally ill, had grudge*
dallas cabbie fatally shot, 2 hurt; gunman sought*

obama gladly embraces bush's anti-terror powers*
obama gladly embraces bush's anti-terror powersobama repaying his masters at goldman sachs*
obama/dodd now pushing sneaky wall street bailout*
missouri rep mistakenly refers to 'soviet union' in anti-obama space policy press release*
dc knows that obama is ineligible for office*
arizona legislature demands immigrants & US presidents verify their status*
republican behind georgia birther bill denies he's a birther*

oregon oddities:
portland police union boss resigns*
killer fungus seen in pacific northwest*
video: alex ansary warns the portland city council*
transcript for city council speech*
video: reaction shots during ansary's speech*

families of 22 americans killed in afghanistan demand investigation of generals*
veteran commits suicide in front of dayton vet center*
don't ask: air force discharges lesbian officer*
audio: hip hop protest soldier discharged*
new documents reveal military recruiter misconduct*
national guard recruiters forged re-enlistment papers*
feds indict ex-blackwater president gary jackson*
secret US memo urges war on iran*
air force looks for 'core algorithms' of human thought*
seeing tongue, spray-on skin, transplanted hand:
encounters w/ military's extreme medicine wing
video: biden announces death of 2 al-qaeda in iraq leaders*
al-qaeda chief in iraq: captured, killed, never actually existed, re-captured, now killed again*
israel unveils world's largest drone the size of a 737*
volcanic cloud disrupts military operations*
video: anybody's son will do*

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