Thursday, March 11, 2010

3/11 newspurge: this too shall pass

uk patients' medical records go online without consent*
uk patients' medical records go online without consentnot more quakes, just more people in quake zones*
deadly quakes are coincidence, scientists say*
is the US conducting biowarfare against its own citizens?*
who: over 85m african kids get polio vaccination*
video: bill gates promotes eugenics through vaccines*

60yrs of drug trafficking at the venice municipal airport*
texas jury jails man 35yrs for marijuana possession*

unemployed uk soothed by fake shop fronts*
unemployed uk soothed by fake shop frontspostal service urged to weigh 3-days-a-week mail*
US government to experiment with new definition of poverty*
canadian dollar likely to trump US greenback*
virginia hands out 6996 traffic tickets in 1 weekend in effort to raise revenue*

vatican hit by gay sex scandal*
pope's brother linked to new claims of child abuse by clergy*
chief exorcist says devil is in vatican*
end-times teachers say this is 'rapture generation'*
biden reassures israel of US commitment*
vice president biden on goodwill trip to israel*
aipac of raving lunatics*
north korea says it is ready to 'blow up' US*

mysterious snake appears in painting of queen elizabeth i*
mysterious snake appears in painting of queen elizabeth i40yrs later US bombs still kill in laos*
bilderberg founder, dutch prince bernhard 'was member of nazi party'*
the 'magic bullet' theory & a coup d'etat in america*
rachel corrie relatives sue israel over her death*
congress calls for new investigation into anthrax attack*
french bread spiked with lsd in cia experiment 50yrs ago*
video: author claims cia still testing drugs on people*

'lost boy' corey haim dies at 38*
'lost boy' corey haim dies at 385 surprising ways your tv is slowly killing you*
how abc's brian ross staged his toyota death ride*
pink floyd beats emi in creativity flap*
yu-gi-oh!: occult symbolism for children*
fox 5 anchor delivered false report to help jack bauer*

obamessiah updates:
aclu to obama: 'change or more of the same?'*
aclu to obama: 'change or more of the same?'lawmaker who voted against gay rights comes out*
video: gibbs says massa conspiracy charges 'ridiculous'*
is rahmbo soon to be a dead fish in white house fish bowl?*
video: ventura sees tea party conspiracy*
video: jesse ventura on nbc's today show*
sell out: jay-z loses credibility for a seat in white house situation room*
video: ventura asserts that 2000 & 2004 may have been stolen*
video: kucinich willing to be the vote that kills health care reform*

US gave $107b in contracts to companies doing business with iran*
philippines/US joint military drill kicks-off*
judge allows torture lawsuit against rumsfeld to proceed*
behind the fence at britain's atomic bomb factory*
defense contractor agrees to pay $400m criminal fine*

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