Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/11 newspurge: reckless, unraveling & economic punch

9/11 updates:
new aerial photos of wtc on 9/11 released*
new aerial photos of wtc on 9/11 releasedan attack from harvard law on the escalating 9/11 truth movement: 'cognitive infiltration' of 9/11 conspiracy groups*
mystery of 9/11 'unraveling' says major japanese weekly: 'the official story is not convincing'*
tsa detains 21yr old traveler with arabic flash cards & asks him: 'how do you feel about 9/11?'*
video: actor/comedian hal sparks speaks out for 9/11 truth*

when 70% support marijuana legalization, 
starbucks gets the messagedrugwar:
when 70% support marijuana legalization,
starbucks gets the message

'more empires have fallen because of reckless finances than invasion'*
geithner says US will 'never' lose aaa debt rating*
video: dodd wants constitutional amendment to prevent corporate personhood*
video: paulson says being close to wall st 'a huge help'*

when israel joins nato*
chinese military urges economic punch against US*

8 bloodthirsty dictators who benefited from US aid*
will wonders never cease: an intelligent book on 'conspiracy theories'*

john pilger: why the oscars are a con*
john pilger: why the oscars are a con'bump+': 'reality' tv show lets you decide if women get abortions?*
occult symbolism of the movie 'sherlock holmes'*
nbc giving wal-mart 2hr timeslot for 'secrets of the mountain'*
video: audi's stupor bowl ads preview enviro-police state*

5 dead in connecticut gas plant explosion*
big pharma executive murders 8yr-old son with xanax & ambien*

obamessiah updates:
liberals get a war president of their very own*
liberals get a war president of their very own1yr down, a presidency yet to go - bush faces the new world order*
court keeps white house spy docs secret*
ex-president clinton undergoes heart procedure*
75% are angry at government's current policies*
biden says large-scale terror attack on US 'unlikely'*

US & allies have 700 bases in afghanistan*
dying in vain in afghanistan*
obama admin to try canadian child soldier before military commission*
nearly 60% in uk poll say torture is ok*
kbr asks dismissal of oregon soldiers' lawsuit*
1st flight test of 'persistent surveillance system' to protect soldiers*
blackwater billed US for 'morale welfare recreation' provided by prostitute*

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