Thursday, December 03, 2009

new world next week - dec3

December arrives with a lot of news to cover on this latest episode of New World Next Week. The official announcement of another Afghanisurge provides the backdrop for stories about explosive documents; some of which have been leaked & others that will probably remain classified. James Corbett of & James Evan Pilato of also go over the latest on the Obamessiah, Osama dying & the continuing Climategate scandal.
Story#1: Leaked documents reveal No 10 cover-up over Iraq invasion
Obamessiah: More Troops, More Secrecy, Less Change!
NSPD-9: Combating Terrorism

Story#2: Dem Senate Report Says Rumsfeld & Franks Let Osama Escape
Rush Limbaugh admits he believes Osama bin Laden is dead
Former CIA Operative Robert Baer: 'Of Course Bin Laden Is Dead'

Story#3: Obama Refuses to Order Release of Decades-Old Intel Docs
SCOTUS Lets Pentagon Keep Detainee Photos Secret

Climategate Updates: Climate Change Ringleader Phil Jones to Step Down
Australian Senate defeats carbon trading bill
Operation: Arrest the Crimatologists
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