Wednesday, November 04, 2009

biowars/swine flu updates: strange ukraine & scarcity claims

ukraine bans public gatherings to stop swine flu ... or something*
ukraine bans public gatherings to stop swine flu ... or somethinghas baxter released a bioweapon?*
swine flu wars: baxter's ukraine bioweapon exposed*
the deaths of 4 ukraine doctors raising suspicions of coverup*
reported cases in ukraine double in 2 days*
flu fears, vaccine fears & cheerleader desiree jennings’s story*
1972 who memos explain how to turn vaccines into killers*
video: girl mistakenly given swine flu vaccine went to emergency room*
another child given swine flu vaccine without consent*
natural news' profit-driven swine flu propaganda series:
pump up the volume
(parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)*

swine flu's unsportsmanlike conduct*
swine flu detected in commercial pigs in indiana*
20 reasons why vitamin d is better than a swine flu vaccine*
video: cfr recording suggests creating false scarcity
to drive up demand for h1n1 vaccine

onion audio: overburdened health dept cancels flu season*

11/5 updates:
has baxter released a bioweapon in ukraine?*
who continues to deceive: assumes that ukraine plague is h1n1 swine flu*
ukraine swine-flu panic: h1n1 crisis or political ploy?*
mystery flu runs wild in ukraine*
martial law, forced vaccinations may be unfolding in ukraine*
h1n1 vaccine shortage fabricated to create hysteria, boost demand?*
├╝berloo: the toilet that locks you in until you wash up*
statistical proof: vaccines are not 'safe', especially for women*
wicked government mandate forces immigrants to accept deadly vaccine*
goldman sachs received h1n1 vaccine before several hospitals*

and then there's this: the strange story of joseph moshe
& the ukraine/baxter bioterror warning*

the strange story of joseph moshe<br />& the ukraine/baxter bioterror warning

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