Thursday, October 29, 2009

warwhores: 'left' in charge of the 'right' war(s)

obama witnesses return of afghanistan war dead*
obama witnesses return of afghanistan war deadvideo: afghanistan looks increasingly like vietnam for US*
report: 40,000 more troops for afghanistan 'remains on the table'*
morale dips for american marines in afghanistan*
helicopter crashes kill 14 americans in afghanistan*

deadly day in afghanistan: 3 copters crash, 14 US lives lost*
helicopter crashes kill 14 americans in afghanistan*
video: multiple bombings kill 8 US troops in afghanistan*
civilians killed in afghan blast*
US tested 2 afghan scenarios in war game*
obama to meet with joint chiefs on afghanistan*
obama holds crisis meeting on afghanistan*
as if that isn't enough: strong quake rattles afghanistan, pakistan*
obama signs defense policy bill*
obama to sign military budget bill*
obama signs law blocking release of torture photos*
video: mentally-ill soldier + suicide = not recognized by obama*
US military suffers another non-combat loss in iraq*
9 missing after coast guard jet hits helicopter in cali*
video: blackwater & other contractors meet at 'peace' conference*
hillary's blackwater connection*
US must plan for nuke wars*
sikh gets rare permission to wear turban, beard in US army*
bush family political heir is shipping off to war*
video: fox news recruiting for US military*

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