Thursday, September 10, 2009

the day before 9/11: 'missing' trillions from the pentagon

from brasscheck tv: People are up in arms about the bailouts. Give-aways really. But they forget the biggest give-away of all time: $2.3 trillion missing, gone, no explanation.


Anonymous said...

the inside job could not accomodate six million Federal employees. It took at least two hundred, and perhaps five hundred "hitmen" to accomplish. The average pay-off per professional operative, for this treason, would be thirty million dollars, each. The cost would be between six and ten billion dollars, in my estimation. The 2.3 trillion dollar leak is about three hundred times the amount needed to pay for 9/11.
The put and call options prior to 9/11 may have helped also.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! the pay-off for hitman is 30 million.... like this person knows this information personally... This comment above is also most likely from an individual who sits at public events and screams at the speakers. Like that is going to accomplish anything for the cause they support. Alex Jones has good points, but the people who follow him are NOT helping his cause. because they are nutjobs, for the most part. Do you believe in Evolution or Creation? If you are a "rebel" against the gov't and a "truth seeker" and you believe evolution.... you are already brainwashed. The federal gov't made it mandatory to teach this in public schools in '59. And got people to believe separation of church and state means you can't teach creation in school, when in fact separation of church and state means that there can't be an "official" religion. I.E. the church of england. You can't have your cake and eat it to people.

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