Thursday, August 06, 2009

8/6 newspurge: mystery, media, mayhem & more

gulf war 1 pilot's remains found in iraq desert*
gulf war 1 pilot's remains found in iraq desertformer philippine president corazon aquino dies at age 76*
georgia guidestones: a sign of the coming new world order*

dan rather calls for white house to save journalism from financial hardship*
hollywood destroys the world: new wave of disaster films isn’t about staving off the apocalypse*
the deep politics of hollywood: close encounters with the pentagon*
general electric muzzles olbermann about fox*

homeless man causes bomb scare at la guardia airport in nyc*
6.9 baja, california earthquake shakes parts of US*
'internet addict' killed at chinese boot camp*
investigations continue into thai plane accident*
wrong-way driver in ny crash was drunk*
gunman kills 4, wounds 10 at US exercise studio*
4 dead, at least 10 injured after gunman opens fire at fitness center in bridgeville, pennsylvania*
video: police believe gym shooter 'committed suicide'*
US gym gunman's 'internet plans'*
death at bridgeville*

oregon oddities:
video: silverton, oregon mayor stu rasmussen's clothing complaints*
tv video shows man confessing in oregon slayings*

wv worry:
former west virginia credit union chief indicted*

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