Thursday, July 09, 2009

7/9 newspurge

'miracle baby' stolen from her grave*
'miracle baby' stolen from her gravemiracle baby grave robbery in connecticut*
connecticut police say possible ritual in theft of body*
staten island park scene of unholy goings-on*
chicago graves dug up to resell plots*
300 graves tampered with near chicago*
jailers let tiller killer mail pamphlets justifying murder*
employee injured in virginia apple store shooting; suspect sought*
analysis: air france 447 crash mystery deepens*
south carolina serial killer on the loose*
sc police look for five-fold serial killer*
police: sc spree killer slain in US shootout*
walt disney monorail crash kills driver*
former nfl quarterback steve mcnair shot dead*
police: mcnair shot dead in sleep by girlfriend*
1 dead, 18 injured in florida lightning strike*
dc's marion barry arrested again*
los angeles detective from rodney king trial kills self at station*
advertising executive held ex-wife hostage in connecticut*
hostage suspect arraigned in hospital then transferred to prison*
man gored to death in spain's running of the bulls*

obamessiah & the apostles of war:
the life & times of obamabush:
even acquitted detainees will be held indefinitely

the life & times of obamabush: even acquitted detainees will be held indefinitelyobama delivers remarks at g8 summit*
global warming agreement reached at g8 summit*
obama set for emotional visits to vatican & ghana*
rasmussen poll shows obama approval ratings plummeting*
franken sworn in, fills final senate place from '08 election*

police state int'l:
pervasive surveillance under obama*
pervasive surveillance under obamafake nation tests tomorrow's special forces*
missouri natl guard train to kill 'militia insurgents' in exercise*
ohio reserve unit wages war on noth dakota mosquitoes*
georgia freemasons at loggerheads over admission of black man to lodge*
nsa plans massive data center in utah*
nafta superhighway returns from the dead*
video: the militarization of the US police force*
bill gives atty gen power to designate gun owners, tax protesters as terrorists*
video: bill may force home energy audits*
registered traveler customers file class-action lawsuit*
fate of registered traveler data up in air after vendor quits program*
bill banning forced identity-chip implants clears house*
will your id soon be a microchip under your skin?*
closer to 1984 than one would care to wish?*
lockheed ensures census security*
US martial law exercises july 27*
survey: US is largest importer & exporter of small arms*
tax evaders, ed & elaine brown, guilty of plot to kill feds*

kucinich: troop movements are not a 'withdrawal'*
kucinich: troop movements are not a 'withdrawal'dahr jamail: US occupation of iraq continues unabated*
marines in for the long haul in southern afghanistan*
video: mullen says US troops will have 'long-term relationship with afghanistan'*
beale afb airman killed in police shootout after murdering fiancee*
australia probes navy 'sex game' aboard hms success:
bedding female colleagues for cash prizes
dozens of US troops found on neo-nazi site*

oregon oddities:
bonnie tinker, 'seriously pissed off granny' from portland, dies after bike accident*

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reflux the chemist said...

I don't know if you posted this yet but I thought it was informative that eugenicist Prince Chucky gives us our timeline:

"Just 96 months to save world, says Prince Charles

The price of capitalism and consumerism is just too high, he tells industrialists"

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