Thursday, June 11, 2009

flight 447, week2: wreckage, questions, bodies & black boxes

flashback: air france flight 447: little hope, lost, lightning?*

search for air france flight 447 reveals astonishing pollution of world's oceans*
flight 447, week2: wreckage, questions, bodies & black boxespossible bodies, wreckage from air france flight 447 found*
2 bodies, ticket found near air france crash site*
2 bodies, ticket found near air france crash site*
air france passenger's body found*
24 error messages sent by flight 447*
french minister warns about alleged airbus debris*
strong 6.0 quake hits mid-atlantic ocean*
video: bodies, bag from doomed air france jet*
french recover body near air france crash site*
3 more bodies found in atlantic near crash site*
15 more bodies found in atlantic air france crash*
air france tail found; US helps hunt black boxes*
crews find vertical stabilizer in air france crash*
navy joins search for air france black box*
can the crash be solved without the black box?*
key figures in global battle against illegal arms trade lost in flight 447*
air france crash investigator likes to blame pilots & protect manufacturers*
terror names linked to doomed flight 447:
2 passengers shared names of radical muslims

and one bad typo from the uk telegraph:
air france plane - full story of the horror on board flight 446*

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Zachary Bosart / Terra Goulet said...

Ok this one was too weird.

Woman who missed flight 447 killed in a car crash.

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