Sunday, June 21, 2009

corbett report: episode091 - beware operation blackjack

flashbacks: ardent sentry '09: noard/northcom terror drills, jun18-24, interview w/ clyde lewis on arent sentry & operation blackjack & blackjack weekend: solstice/sentry psyop reaches peak

corbett report: episode091 - beware operation blackjackfrom corbett report: The verdict is in: Operation Blackjack was nothing more than a cruel hoax. But what does the truth movement's reaction to this hoax tell us? Are you content to sit and watch on the sidelines while events play out like games on your computer screen? Join the debate on this week's episode of The Corbett Report.

download episode091 [62.5mb mp3]

previous episode: 090 - our leaders are psychopaths

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Anonymous said...

I thought maybe the blackjack hoax/psyop and the responses to it are a data generating facet of the Ardent Sentry, or maybe the two were only linked through the imagination of the creator(?). Either way- Worst. Comic. Ever! >;-p

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