Thursday, June 18, 2009

6/18 newspurge

'school of americas' generals charged in colombia*
youth anti-drug counselor busted selling phony meth, ecstasy*
pot foes, proponents eye michigan's marijuana law*
video: melissa etheridge says pot restored her health*

flight 447 updates:
photos: latest clues in the flight 447 crash*
air france jet sent message on rudder problem*
autopsies suggest air france jet broke up in sky*
aviation experts suggest flight 447 broke up in midair*

official indicted for secrets to china*
china sub collides with array towed by US destroyer*
un security council approves expanded north korea sanctions*
obama calls for robust enforcement of north korea sanctions*
dod says north korea missiles able to hit US in 3yrs*
north korea threatens merciless attack if it is provoked*
'great difference' between tracking a north korean ship & stopping it*
north korea plans july 4th missile launch on hawaii*
hawaii ready for north korean attack*
US fortifies hawaii’s defenses against north korean arms*
US military tracking north korean ship suspected of proliferating missiles, nukes*
eu leaders reassure irish to revive lisbon treaty*
brazilian president, lula di silva, says it's time for 'new world order'*

watergate burglar & cia operative, bernard barker, dead at 92*
feds try to block evidence release in posada case*
new report on the zodiac killer case*
the cia: a blossoming 60yr old killing machine*
neo-nazi leader 'was mi6 agent'*
federal judge dissolves restrictions linked to chicago police 'red squad'*
1968 chicago riot cops set to ‘celebrate’ mass beatings*
riot of '68 reunion*

how the spooks took over the news*
gps makers to use homer simpson's voice*
web beats tv & radio as preferred news source*

how did they kill bill?*
carradine family seeks fbi help*
bail increase meant to keep roeder the tiller killer in jail*
lawyers, judge seemingly blame murder on halo 3*
quanell x seeks fbi help on mysterious houston deaths*
US hate crimes spike*
video: indiana customers ignore dead convenience store clerk*
trans-atlantic flight lands safely after pilot dies*

'our earth is degenerate in these latter days'*
jason alexander to greg palast:
'you have made me swallow the blue pill'

(update: palast pulled the post, but it's cached here)
experts say houston dome may help environment*
scientists debate shading earth as climate fix*
crews wary of radioactive wasp nests in washington's hanford nuke cleanup*
church of england attempts to broaden appeal
with u2 songs & prayers for google

prince charles in charge - the plot thickens*

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