Thursday, April 16, 2009

4/16 newspurge

obamessiah & the apostles of war:
jesus missing from obama’s georgetown speech -
nice pyramid symbolism, though

jesus missing from obama’s georgetown speech; nice pyramid symbolism, thoughobamadvisor & cfr vp says 100k+ troops, 10yrs+ needed in afghanistan*
obama to release reagan records kept secret by bush*
obama half-brother 'linked to uk sex attack'*
gordon brown's plan for army of teen volunteers*
obama taps 5th riaa lawyer to justice dept*
the nsc's invisible man*
1st dog, bo, arrives at white house*
peaceniks target killer drones*
aclu fears obama admin may destroy evidence at cia 'black sites'*
naomi klein on obama & the rhetoric of hope*
obama's car czar, steven rattner, involved in ny pension scam investigation*
obama unveils high-speed rail plan*
kansas city figures in obama's high-speed scheme*
(the future 'port city' for the north american union)

police state int'l:
saic to train fema emergency responders*
saic to train fema emergency responderssaic awarded $104m contract by dhs & fema*
dhs issued report on extremism despite concerns*
'rightwing extremism' document created under bush*
dhs predicts violence in response to new gun restrictions*
dhs warns of right-wing radicals*
concerned resident aims to form armed militia to patrol stockton*
self-righteous neocons complain about dhs report*
nsa broke new eavesdropping law*
nsa spied on congressman*
nsa spied on member of congress and broke new laws, report says*
nsa intercepts exceed limits set by congress*
pentagon closes office accused of issuing propaganda under bush*
secretive US prison units used to house muslim, animal rights & environmental activists*
emergency crews test skills during attack drill at toyota park, chicago*
second 9/11 envisaged by homeland security: prepping chicago*
bouncers hired by schools as 'crowd control'*
portland, maine police boost arsenal with 'tank'*
billings police get military vehicle to 'fight crime'*
guns & drugs seized from homeland stupidity officer*
york hospital drill simulates terror attack*
philpott dam drill enacted in virginia*
federal judge sexually assaults 2 women gets off free*
the easiest way to destroy a movt is to become it*
video: alex jones on the alan colmes show*
celente says 'revolution' the only solution*
uk police arrest 114 for planning coal plant protest*
g20 death: fresh attempt to overturn ban on photographing police*
russia & iraq call for a fair new world order*

cybersecurity act of 2009 - federal authority over the internet?*
the cybersecurity act of 2009: federal authority over the internet?obama breaking promise for online transparency*
cyber act would give prez power to 'shut down' internet*
'no one is ready for this'*
using linux may be a sign of criminal activity*
'operation juniper cobra':USrael to hold missile intercept drill*
USrael holding major military exercise*
china denies cyberattacks on US power grid*
1 dead, 1 injured in russian military exercises*
pentagon fights the global war on bugs*
robotic gardeners: mit droids tend plants*
military spending up, carbon bootprint down?*
concerns about chemtrails given fresh impetus*
saic awarded $12m contract from US air force weather agency*
obama advisor backpedals on geo-engineering announcement*
holdren calls for geo-engineering the atmosphere – again*
'pirate bay' found guilty*

reagan was an fbi snitch*
reagan was an fbi snitchkhmer rouge jailer says US contributed to pol pot rise*
california returns 2 paintings nazis stole, hearst bought*
US 'set to detain' nazi suspect*
US court halts demjanjuk deportation*
swastikas painted on french memorial*
ex-cia operative tied to cuba bombings: jury*
bombing victim's brother applauds posada indictment*
is a cia murderer living free in virginia?*
symposium to whitewash cia's air america heroin smuggling*
fidel castro on the bay of pigs: days that cannot be forgotten*
prince bernhard was deeply involved in weapons trade*
inbreeding caused demise of the spanish habsburg dynasty*
coke & sex at bush's dept of interior*

it's springtime for hitler in germany*
it's springtime for hitler in germanyUS media & the memory hole*
newspapers go green... in a manner of speaking*
porn star marilyn chambers found dead in los angeles*
phil spector convicted of murder*
spector found guilty in slaying*
local community radio act of 2009: hr1147 is dead*
snakes on a muthaf#ckin' qantas plane trigger landing*
video: guest passes out during live glenn beck show*

fbi: many murder victims on highways were killed by truckers*
fbi: many murder victims on highways were killed by truckers3 dead in california hospital shooting on apr17*
2 killed in michigan college shooting on apr10*
man, woman dead in murder/suicide at michigan college*
2 dead in michigan college shooting*
college shootings: greece & michigan on apr10*
rotterdam shootings on apr11* repeats poplawski slander against alex jones*
tornados & wildfires leave eight dead in US on apr11*
woman, two kids shot dead in new orleans suburb on apr11*
california sunday school teacher booked in child death*
sunday school killer shocks california town*
huffington post on copycats*
killer who tore out own eyes fuels texas debate on insanity defense*
US soldier says he saw sgt chase & shoot comrade*
virginia tech reopens site of US school massacre*
marketing columbine & virginia tech*
a decade after columbine, gun laws lax as ever*
10yrs later, the real story behind columbine*

...and let's not forget the pirates of the arabian: at world's end...

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