Thursday, April 09, 2009

4/09 newspurge

obamessiah & the apostles of war
poll finds nation most polarized in decades under obama*
obamessiah & the apostles of warcybersecurity bill gives obama dictatorial power over internet*
setting the stage for obama’s control over the internet: electricity grid in US penetrated by spies*
will bill give obama control of internet?*
just like bush, obama moves to block challenge to wiretapping program*
video: obama sides with bush on wiretaps*
turkey foiled plot to assassinate obama*
syrian man arrested in plot to assassinate obama*
gates pushes for radical overhaul of pentagon arsenal*
senators wary of purported fcs cutbacks*
obama wants another $83b for afghaniraq*
pentagon accused of pig victimization:
or, darpa blows up pigs to test armor
white house hit by swarm of bees*
US 'committed' to ratifying law of sea convention: clinton*
red cross says medics joined cia 'torture' sessions*
cia 'no longer' using secret prisons, claims director*
obama pushes to make 12m illegal immigrants legal*
americans denounced as terrorists while criminals embraced*
obama looks at climate engineering*
the govt is already 'geo-engineering' the environment*
method to cool earth’s rapid warming is for emergency use only*
obama’s plan to 'geo-engineer' the planet mirrors cfr policy documents*
obama lies about bow to king abdullah*
10 holy cross priests object to obama invitation*

police state int'l
virginia fusion center releases 'homegrown terrorism' document*
police state int'lcomplete list of other miac reports*
100s of troops relocating to ft hood*
infowars story on illegal tennessee checkpoint prompts action by governor*
phoenix police raid home of blogger critical of them*
coast guard feeds hungry in philly*
fbi raids dallas isp over a single user*
tsa detains official from ron paul group*
audio: tsa interrogates ron paul staffer*
'mothers act' will bring forced psychological testing*
fema publishes reorganization details*
beck fails miserably in debunking facts on fema camp infrastructure*
US natl security documents to be used in jfk terror plot trial*
video reveals g20 police assault on ian tomlinson moments before he died*
riot cops killed newspaper seller at g20*
buildings burn, teargas flies outside strasbourg nato summit*
60th nato summit in strasbourg marred by street battles & arson*
black bloc provocateurs set strasbourg hotel on fire*
uk residents challenge google camera*
uk id cards closer than ever*
uk's top counterterrorism officer resigns after security blunder*
how a scotland yard slip forced terrorism raids in britain*
election in moldova instigates rioting mob demanding recount*
moldova: bloggers cover protests better*
activist charged for inciting 'twitter revolution'*
moldova: twitter or color revolution?*
video: who’s behind 'peaceful' moldovan outrage?*

towards a global currency & world govt*
econocrashpentagon preps for economic warfare*
wells fargo expects record profit*
nyc mayor to cut 7k more jobs*
cities collapsing throughout the US*
survivalists 2.0: regular people get ready for the worst*
the art of survival: essential skills for the post-apocalyptic world*
sacramento tent-city an alternative to the control grid*
reality tv's latest wheeze: make US workers compete to keep jobs*
alleged iranian nuke smuggling plot involving nyc banks uncovered*
10,000+ overwhelm manchester job fair*
video: US is a puppet of private bankers*

growing threat from cyber attacks: US general*
spies penetrate US electric system*
power grid hackers probably got inside by attacking pc's*
cyberspies or solar storms: the real threat to US electrical grid*
spy satellite agency (nat'l reconnaissance office) head resigns*
cyber attacks surging on US power grid, worrying utilities*
sabotage attacks knock out phone service*
cable sabotage cripples internet for parts of silicon valley*

tv suicide takes actor from 'house' to the white house*
the ap’s desperate attempt to outlaw search engine links*
video: hot new videogame consists solely of shooting people point-blank in the face*

3 nazi-confiscated works found at hearst castle*
video: knights templar hid the shroud of turin, says vatican*

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