Thursday, October 23, 2008

news on the march: 9/11, police state, miltech, geopolitiks & crash

9/11 memorial ready by 10th anniversary*
9/11 memorial ready by 10th anniversary

9/11 holiday pay for massachusetts police criticized*
video: baer knows guy who ‘cashed out’ day before 9/11*
ex-mi5 chief: response to 9/11 was 'huge overreaction'*
nsa tapped 9/11 hijackers' phone calls for 2yrs - inside the US*
structural engineering council casts doubt on nist's wtc7 report*
video: former ny governor cuomo: 'maybe I should give [9/11] more thought'*
bad link? memorial ties iraq war & 9/11*
video: carol brouillet campaigns for california's 14th district*
former cia official [cofer black]: 9/11 could not be averted*
7yrs after 9/11, spies finally forced to share*
ultimate 9/11 'truth' showdown: david ray griffin vs matt taibbi*

police state usa
vets arrested & trampled at debate*
vets arrested & trampled at debate

US not prepared for emp attacks*
US policymakers mull creation of domestic intelligence agency*
washington post: darpa contract description hints at advanced video spying*
saic awarded $18m contract by darpa*
nsa spying & the shredding of the constitution*
US limits anthrax vaccine legal liability*
tsa thug steals $200k worth of travelers' belongings, resells it on ebay*
hospital refuses to draw blood for police cases (video)*
telecom spying amnesty unconstitutional*
56 arrested in darkmarket sting, says fbi*
bamford's dubious sense of irony when it comes to israeli firms cornering the market on nsa's major 'mass surveillance'*
reaction to bamford interview about cia protection of al-mihdhar & al-hazmi*
james bamford on democracy now! (video)*
top nsa scribe takes us inside 'the shadow factory'*
uk ngo forecasts 5 brave new world scenarios for 2030
climate futures: a response to climate change in 2030 (6.7mb PDF)*
after years of stonewalling, new orleans mayor admits illegal gun confiscation*
1 in 3 recent atlanta police academy graduates have criminal records*
bush signs law creating copyright czar*
orwellian uk angers people with tree cameras, snooping kids*

new video game literally a mind game*
new video game literally a mind game

are troops becoming pill-poppers?*
'dirty bomb' charge fizzles*
iraq war is eugenics/genocide masquerading as an anti-terror op*
dhs says mcveigh isn't a terrorist, but maryland activists are*
detainees fill pentagon dna databank*
video: the 3rd nuclear bomb - a gulf war veterans accusation*
new killer drones could be piloted by teenagers*

putin's dog gets long-promised gps collar*
putin's dog gets long-promised gps collar

despite precautions, US airstrikes kill afghan allies*
video: globalisation - threat or hope?*
sarkozy victim of online robbery*
1000s march in baghdad against US pact*
ex-soviet states to hold joint air defense drills in 2009*
warning over 'huge' terror threat*
report: US to remove north korea from terrorlist*
russia to US: let's team up to fight pirates*
chavez names ‘comrade bush’ a socialist*

in hard times some flirt with survivalism (video)*
in hard times some flirt with survivalism

wachovia posts largest-ever loss for a bank*
homeless numbers 'alarming'*
video: oil & the economic meltdown, alex jones on press tv*
video: richard andrew grove on aig & 9/11*
spies worry hackers could fuel financial panic*
calls for new global financial order increase*
daley to shut down chicago govt for 6 days*
US summons only super elite bankers to meeting*
paulson doles out $125b to wall st elite*
icelandic shoppers splurge as currency woes reduce food imports*
trump: feels like socialism, but i like it (video)*
brown: use this crisis to create new financial world order*
blatant banker manipulation of gold prices*
gas companies disconnecting 1000s*
the quadrillion dollar powder keg waiting to blow*
world bank computer networks under seige*
how to save the US economy *
gm, ford may face bankruptcy on slowdown*
berlusconi: world leaders may close world markets*

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