Thursday, July 28, 2011

7/28 newspurge: back to black

9/11 updates:
book review of 'among the truthers: a journey through americas growing conspiracist underground'*

book review of 'among the truthers: a journey through americas growing conspiracist underground'9/11 phonehacking: families to meet US attorney general*
wtc7 expert witness danny jowenko dies in car crash*
lost but not found: $2.3t still missing at pentagon*
not enough evidence to link 9/11 & cancer, report finds*
bush explains 9/11 reaction in national geo interview*
video: wtc cross lowered into new home*
atheists sue over cross in wtc museum*

#radiation in japan: how the brainwashing was done in fukushima*

teacher muzzled on radiation risks for school kids*
strong earthquake jolts northeast japan, no damage*
new study on aum shinriko's bio-chem programs*
south korean scientists create glowing dog*
'oldest bird' archaeopteryx knocked off its perch in controversial new study; may have been just another feathered dinosaur*
dhs cancels $230m radiation detection program*
drug companies stay away from vaccine that fights cocaine addiction*
fda considering relaxing rules against scientists receiving money from drug companies*
fda finds US drug research firm faked documents*
national research council discusses risk assesment for fort detrick bio-facility*
green agenda has parallels with excesses of communism*
new nasa data blows gaping hole in global warming alarmism*
video satire: nation's climatologists exhibiting strange behavior*

guns from US sting found at mexican crime scenes*

guns from US sting found at mexican crime scenesUS returns 33 mexican troops who strayed into texas*
the knights templar:
mexico's newest drug cartel?
'stoner stupid' myth goes up in smoke*

top libyan rebel commander killed amid spying allegations*

mubarak trial carries many uncertainties for nervous egypt*
violence breaks out in somali capital as rebels block aid*
mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of christchurch earthquake'*

found? the last bugs of the nixon white house*

american civil war anniversary pictures*
federal judge blocks doj's attempt to backtrack ivins admissions*
classified report: russia tied to blast at US embassy*
flashback: splc, fbi linked to okc*

police state updates:
quartzsite, az: blueprint for a police state takeover?*

quartzsite, az: blueprint for a police state takeover?black helicopters seen in multiple states as pentagons deploys 20k troops this year*
military training exercises to take place in & around boston*
in secret, senate panel may re-up vast surveillance dragnet*
bill would force intel chief to reveal 'secret patriot act'*
nsa admits it tracks americans via cell phones*
video: law enforcement to use iphone face scanner app*
tsa readying new behavior detection plan for airport checkpoints*
heathrow to get new facial recognition scanners*
off-duty tsa agent accused of flashing badge at slow driver*
video: soldier arrested in jihadist fort hood plot*
update: accused plotter shouts out name of ft. hood killer at hearing*

state dept assembles secret private army in iraq*

pentagon report concludes taxpayer money ends up in taliban hands*
majority of pentagon weapons contracts go over cost estimates*
former US general & nato supreme commander, john shalikashvili, dies aged 75*

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