Thursday, June 23, 2011

6/23 newspurge: breaking fun

9/11 updates:
US officially drops all charges against osama bin laden*

osama wanted to change al-qaeda's name for marketing reasons*
everything we're doing now was planned pre-9/11*
man added to official 9/11 victims list*
'seven in heaven way':
atheists complain about nyc street sign honoring fallen 9/11 firemen
bob hoskins regrets making one movie: 'super mario brothers'*

scotus sides with big pharma in 2 decisions*

scotus sides with big pharma in 2 decisionslong island massacre sheds light on US drug abuse problem*
video: mexican forces using drug war to repress indigenous communities*

US conducting 'mass surveillance' against arab world*

united nations secretary general ban-ki moon sworn in for second term*

mietek pemper, 91, camp inmate who compiled schindler's list*

at 81, himmler's daughter still works with neo-nazis & helps ss officers evade justice*
judge approves largest settlement ever against US govt: $3.4b for american indians*
hiphop mogul implicated in tupac shooting arrested on drug charges*
video: boston gangster, whitey bulger, arrested after 16yrs on the run*

new japanese pop idol shocks fans with news – she's not real*

new japanese pop idol shocks fans with news – she's not realmarilyn monroe's old clothes fetch $8m*
'lost' actor doug hutchison marries 16yr-old girlfriend*
'hangover' tattoo lawsuit settles for undisclosed amount*
clarence clemons, saxophonist for springsteen, dies at 69*
ryan dunn, 'jackass' star, dies in drunken car accident at 34*

10 possible explanations for the drop in the US crime rate*

chemical suicides, popular in japan, increasing in US*
nh man dies by self-immolation in courthouse protest*
video: couple explains kiss amidst vancouver riots*

obamessiah & the warwhores:
video: obama addresses suckers nation on afghan 'drawdown'*

obama to start afghan troop drawdown*
video: maddow says afghan drawdown is 'no change in plans'*
US prison in afghanistan has 10x as many prisoners as gitmo*
video: obama, the baby whisperer silencer*
212,000 US vets have traumatic brain injuries*
quarter of all federal contracts go to 10 companies*
eisenhower's worst fears came true:
we invent enemies to buy the bombs
meanwhile... ron paul wins 2012 gop straw poll in new orleans*

west virginia worry:
manchin says it's time to leave afghanistan*

video: manchin looking to 'change mission' in afghanistan*
dep responds to fayette mining concern*
wv celebrate's 148th birthday: civil war key to wv statehood*

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