Thursday, August 04, 2011

8/4 newspurge: high treason/cruel summer

fatal radiation level found at fukushima daiichi plant*

fatal radiation level found at fukushima daiichi plantjapan to fire top nuclear officials in wake of disaster*
nrc lowers estimate of how many would die in meltdown*
vermont finds contaminated fish as nuclear debate rages*
swede tries to make nuke reactor in kitchen;
man blogs about radioactive experiment
nypd pioneers system to detect dirty bomb*
rasmussen reports: 69% say it's likely scientists have falsified global warming research*
obama suspends scientist who warned of threat to polar bears*
monsanto-spawned superweeds growing three inches daily, destroying farm equipment*
government mandates 'free birth control'*
video: alex jones loses it over 'robot helicopters with airborne ebola'*
federal court approves patenting of human genes*
five deaths from joplin tornado linked to fungal infection*
when the levees broke: the flood that made rock 'n' roll*

US 'recovers' narco sub with 7.5 tons of cocaine*

video: feds caught shipping cocaine into US*
£300m worth of cocaine seized in britain's biggest drug bust*
video: ‪uk police seize massive cocaine stash*
bigger pot busts in 'mexifornia'*
video: busted massive calif. pot farm spanned 50 acres*
legalizing marijuana would hinder the multi-billion dollar empire of mexican drug cartels, say some*
mexican kingpin says US protected cartel*
oak hill, florida dissolves city police force after planting pot at mayor's house*
video: dea agents traumatize family during raid on wrong house*

video: al gore says US needs an 'american spring'*

video: nato, facing defeat in libya, lashes out in barbaric bombing of tv studios as attack coalition crumbles*
‪video: 1,600 civilians have been killed by syrian forces since march*
chinese rail crash scandal: 'official steals $2.8 billion'*
video: bed-ridden mubarak pleads not guilty from behind bars*
video: zara phillips weds rugby star in low-key royal affair*

@navigatenetflix: as ticket prices rise, theater audiences shrink; charging a premium for movies, at a cost*

as ticket prices rise, theater audiences shrinkafter rave riot, theater chains block doc*
video stores, reinvented by necessity*
nielsen breaks down hulu, netflix usage - significant minority use iphone/ipad*
precautions at nypost as inquiry expands*
state dept taps for china effort*
jerry lewis ousted from labor day telethon, chairmanship of mda*
clark gable's grandson arrested in laser-pointing incident*
'the white shadow': early hitchcock effort discovered*
@wugazi: track-by-track breakdown of '13 chambers', the fugazi + wu-tang clan mashup*
video: watch a beluga dance to mariachi band serenade*
ashton & demi are going to israel!*
fears grow for meat loaf's health*
polly platt, producer & production designer on 'last picture show', dead at 72*
former nfl-star-turned-actor bubba smith dead at 66*
chip mayer, 'dukes of hazzard' actor, dies at 57*
gospel great delois barrett campbell dies at 85*
eugene mcdaniels, singer-songwriter of 'a hundred pounds of clay', dies at 76*
annette charles, cha cha from 'grease', dies at 63*
frank bender, forensic sculptor, dies at 70*
zombies turn baltimore 5k into horrifying jog*

norway police raise attack death toll from 76 to 77*

the americans who inspired the norwegian mass murderer*
reports: breivik had plastic surgery to look 'aryan'*
twilight language: virginia tech gunman?*
all clear after virginia tech gun scare*
one dies, 3 wounded in cleveland shooting near george clinton concert*
four dead after planes collide in alaska*
someone strapped a bomb around the neck of girl from one of sydney's wealthiest families?*
178 atlanta teachers & admins accused of helping students cheat on tests*
hanging of 'truck nuts' grows into a free speech debate*

police state updates:
senate panel keeps 'secret patriot act' a secret*

senate panel keeps 'secret patriot act' a secret8 reasons young americans don't fight back:
how the US crushed youth resistance
video: wash. cartoonist targeted with criminal probe for mocking police*
should citizens go to prison for filming police misconduct?*
new york gets 3,000 cameras in major 'anti-terror' measure*
vegas cop who killed 2 in last 5yrs caught on tape beating man*
feds investigates death of cali homeless man in police custody*
cops shut down another lemonade stand, this time in iowa*
minnesota man accused of breaking bird-feeding law may be jailed*
6 creepy new weapons the military/police use to subdue unarmed people*
diy spy drone sniffs wi-fi, intercepts phone calls*
military buzzes boston buildings*

@nickturse, author of 'the complex': US special forces will be deployed in 120 countries by the end of 2011 - yes we can!*

US special forces will be deployed in 120 countries by the end of 2011'dire consequences': new defense secretary leon panetta warns against more cuts in pentagon budget*
obombya regime wants changes to arms export licensing process... to export more arms*
central intelligence agency escapes prosecution for the criminal destruction of torture tapes*
US joint forces command, jfcom, formally dissolved*
dozens of ak-47 rifles stolen from fort irwin, california*

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